Starting Off This Pregnancy Overweight & Worried You'll Gain Too Much & Never Be Able To Lose It & Get In Shape & Confident Again?
Or... Maybe You Finally Lost Some Weight & Started Getting In Shape Right Before Getting Pregnant & Now You're Afraid You'll Lose All That Hard Work & Time It Took To Get There.
Don't Worry...  With the right pregnancy workout plan & a good support system, you won't gain a lot of weight so that losing it postpartum will be EASY & QUICK!
It's Not Too Late!  No Matter How Many Weeks You Are, No Matter How Much Weight You've Gained So Far..... You Can Still Make Changes!
Even if you're busy & tired & have other children at home....  
Even if you gained too much in other pregnancies...
Dear Mom-To-Be:

I know what it feels like to look at your body and be like... "what the heck"...  and wonder if you will ever see "your body" again.

I know you may be wondering if it really is possible that you can be like one of those girls that doesn't look pregnant from behind... that actually "LOOKS GOOD PREGNANT", one of those girls that ends up looking amazing after babies.

Its possible my friend, so get excited!

Did you know that you can TONE YOUR BODY WHILE PREGNANT?

Yup, you can!

MUSCLE IS THE SECRET to having a toned pregnancy body as well as helping you BURN UNWANTED/UNNEEDED FAT.

The thing is that most women are "scared" of doing resistance based workouts while pregnant.  They don't know that you really really can gain muscle and slow weight gain while pregnant and they don't know how hard they can actually can or should workout in order to see results.

But only a certain type of workout will actually allow you to build muscle at this time.

Listen, I know that you are so happy to be pregnant and have your baby and feel so blessed, but you just can't help but think about the weight gain and what is happening to your body.

I'm telling you.... even if you only have 4-6 weeks left of pregnancy, you can still make serious progress.  I have had tons and tons of ladies start my workouts with just a few weeks left and were able to see results.
Are You Asking Yourself Any Of These Questions?
  •  Will I get huge?
  •  Will I be able to control the weight gain?
  •  Will it totally change my body forever?
  •  What will people think of me while pregnant?
  •  Will I ever have a flat stomach again?
  •  Will I get stretch marks? More cellulite?
  •  Will I ever get in shape & be a confident momma?
  •  Will I have the time or energy to exercise so I can gain less weight?
  •  Will my hubby find me attractive as I get further along in the pregnancy?
I don't want you to end up saying the things that some of the women I have worked with said about prior pregnancies....
  • “Pregnancy totally ruined my body”.
  •  “It’s been 3 years and I still haven’t lost my baby weight”.
  •  “These stretch marks are from my babies”.
  •  “I hated being pregnant."
  •  "People asked me if I was carrying twins my whole pregnancy". 
  •  “I looked terrible when I was pregnant”.
  •  “My body has never been the same”.
  •  "I never got my body back".

EXERCISE {Resistance Based Exercise} can completely change the way you look & feel this pregnancy...
You Can End Up Loving Your Pregnancy Body & Being Proud Of It.
 I Gained 20 LBS In Each Of My Pregnancies... & I Have Helped Over 200,000 + Women Get Similar Results With These Kind Of Workouts & In Only 3-4 Hours A Week!
I'll be completely honest with you.......

Pregnancy IS NOT EASY.

If you are not careful and you don't exercise & are conscious of what you eat, it's  quite easy to  gain 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs during pregnancy.

I tell you this because I have worked exclusively with pregnant women for almost 10 years...... I see how hard it is for them to lose the weight, get their body back and be a confident momma.

But don't lose hope because with the right workout plan and a support system to give you accountability and motivation, you can gain just the right amount of weight so that you have a healthy pregnancy and baby but are able to lose the weight quickly postpartum and are able to feel confident again.

Most of the ladies in my program lose their baby weight and get their body back in less than 12 weeks!
I'll be completely honest with you.......

Pregnancy IS NOT EASY.

If you are not careful and you don't actually work on trying to control the weight gain, it is quite easy to end up gaining 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs during pregnancy.

I only tell you that because I have worked exclusively with pregnant women for almost 10 years...... I have heard and seen it all.

But don't lose hope because though it's not easy, if you actually invest a little time and effort into exercise and eating right, you can gain 35 lbs or less.

That is a great goal because if you do, that amount of weight is sooooooooo easy to lose and you will have your body back in NO TIME!
How good would it feel to walk around with a 3 month-old in your pre-pregnancy jeans, pre-pregnancy weight, able to wear a bathing suit and feeling more confident than ever...

Wouldn't that be amazing?
If You've Ever Struggled With Your Body/Weight
It is amazing, and it's not just my reality, it's become my mission to help other women experience a great pregnancy. 

I have seen so many women feel so uncomfortable in their own skin and suffer so much during & after pregnancies with insecurity and their bodies...... that it ended up affecting their marriage, friendships and even work.

I knew I needed to do something.

So after coaching women for 20 years, 2 pregnancies of my own & being in the  fitness/nutrition/health field.....  I took all of that and the credibility from being featured in countless TV, News, Media channels &  I created a workout program specifically designed for pregnant women.  

I remember how I felt when I wasn't exercising (bed rest-Placenta Previa).

I hated seeing my body everyday.....
It seemed like everything grew by the day and my body felt softer and mushier......

I woke up everyday wondering if I would ever be able to get my body back.

If you have ever struggled with your body, weight, and with confidence, then I know how you are feeling right now while pregnant.

It's hard enough to lose weight and feel good about yourself even when you're not pregnant...... Right?

I know how hard it is to see your body change so much and to feel guilty about not wanting to "ruin" your body because in the end its all about having a "healthy baby" isn't it?

I'm here to tell you DON'T FEEL GUILTY.

Like myself, you can totally reduce your weight gain so that you look and feel good while pregnant and so that you can lose ALL YOUR BABY WEIGHT and more.......  And I will help you do that with my program Fit Mom-To-Be!
Why Cardio, Yoga & Pilates Is NOT Enough To Control Weight Gain During Pregnancy
Resistance Based Workouts are the most effective. They help you build lean and toned muscle like no other type of workout, while burning more fat than even cardio. (even during pregnancy)
The workouts MUST CHANGE EVERY 4 WEEKS.  That is how long it takes for the body to adapt & its crucial to results to change them.  These 4, 6,12 week programs out there just won't suffice for the entire pregnancy, plus you get sick of the same workouts.
Workouts must be challenging enough to build lean, toned muscle.  Most pregnancy programs are too vague, short and not challenging enough.  Though pilates and yoga are great and I love them, they are not as conducive to building muscle as resistance training which is what the Fit Mom To Be Workouts are based upon.
I knew that when I was pregnant, I felt exhausted, fatigued, and stressed out so I needed workouts that I could get through when I didn’t feel good but that I could push when I felt better. So I created the Fit Mom-To-Be Program so that you can adjust it depending on how you feel.
Workouts are NOT trimester specific, I learned this from not being able to exercise until month 5, when I had Placenta Previa. So with this program, any pregnant woman can start  at any point in her pregnancy no matter how far along she is and they are safe and effective. 
I Want To Share My Secrets With You So That You Can Have A Pregnancy You Can Feel Good & Proud Of.

Over 200,000 Women Have Gone Through This Program & Been Able To Feel Good & Confident About Their Pregnancy Body!
Even If You Gained Too Much In Other Pregnancies... Even If You Are Exhausted Chasing A Toddler Around... Even If You Have Already Gained A Lot Of Weight...
These workouts are only 30-40 minutes and moms just like you with 2,3 and even 4 kids have been able to do this.

You DO have what it takes.
You just need help, you need a plan and some support
You don't have to settle for gaining a ton of weight, ruining your body, losing your confidence, stamina & any hopes you had of having a body you loved and were proud of.

You can go through pregnancy feeling confident, not gaining any "excess" weight, having a “belly-only” pregnancy, feeling energized and losing your baby weight fast and having an even better body than before pregnancy.

Our private Facebook Community will help you.

Can you invest IN YOU, YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTHY,  YOUR BABY & YOUR SANITY just 3-4 hours out of your 168 hour week?

Would it be worth it if you end up having a super fit & confident pregnancy?
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
Announcing Fit Mom-To-Be
A monthly pregnancy workout program designed to help you

What Do You Get In The Fit Mom-To-Be Program
Monthly Workouts For Your Entire Pregnancy
Each 4 week workout has 3 resistance based workouts that may be complimented with cardio of your choice.

The workouts are SAFE and can be done in any and every trimester no matter when you start.

The workouts are SHORT and totally doable, and are designed to help you TONE and control weight gain so you can look and feel good and confident.  The way the program is designed to maximize muscle gain, will allow you to lose your "baby weight" quickly postpartum.
These pregnancy-specific workouts are also designed to help you strengthen your core and back to prevent aches and pains as well as decreasing your chances of ending up with a POOCH you won't be able to get rid of.

There are home and gym version with detailed video explanations of how to do each workout and modifications.
Pictures Of The Workouts & Video Demo's
Workouts are viewable on any device (phone, tablet, computer, etc).

There are pictures of every exercise so you can ensure you are doing them safely and properly.

Each exercise also has a short video demo so you can see exactly how to do the exercise but not have to WASTE time watching a 30 minute video. (I know you want to get through this fast) lol

Each phase will show up monthly in your members area along with a video of me giving you detailed instructions on how to do the workout. 

Also included:  nutrition & supplementation tips via email.
Access To My Private Facebook Group
Private Facebook Community
Join hundreds of pregnant women just like you in our private Facebook group. The girls are super supportive, inspiring, and encouraging.

It's super informative as the girls always have tons of great questions and everyone shares suggestions.

I'm in there daily answering all questions.

You can share questions or information on anything pregnancy, not just fitness. 

We talk about everything.
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
The Kind Of Workouts That Can Get You In Better Shape Than Pre-Pregnancy!
If you're like me and most of my clients, and you do these Fit Mom-To-Be Workouts, you will end up with an even better body than before you got pregnant.

I definitely did!
It's because "these type of workouts" are amazing and perfect for pregnancy.  The resistance based workouts help you keep the body tight and toned and help burn calories so that the excess weight is burned off while keeping baby healthy.

Being able to gain muscle while pregnant, makes the postpartum weight loss so much easier.  But ONLY RESISTANCE BASED WORKOUTS can make you gain muscle.

Seriously, its amazing what you can do when you exercise consistently & with the right plan…….. Even during pregnancy.

The one thing that is amazing about these workouts is that since they are resistance based, they make you use your CORE (even while pregnant) in a safe way, but it protects your belly from DISTENDING TOO MUCH which is what causes that POST BABY POOCH.

I am committed to help you have the best experience during pregnancy because it is one the most precious and amazing gifts that God gives us women. 

When you feel good about yourself during pregnancy, you can actually ENJOY IT!
Prego's Talking About Their Results With Fit Mom-To-Be
Here Are Some Comments Fit Mom-To Be Clients Have Gotten:
  •  “Wow, I saw you from behind and you didn’t even look pregnant”.
  •  “OMG, you look unbelievable, you are glowing and you are carrying that baby beautifully”.
  •  “I can’t believe how good you look and you literally just had that baby”.
  •  “I have never seen such a fit pregnant girl”.
  •  “Wow, you look like you only gained weight in your belly”.
  •  “Really, you didn’t get any stretch marks”? 
  •  Will I be wearing maternity clothes after I have the baby like most women say?
  •  “What? You only gained 30lbs, that’s unheard of these days”
  •  "You lost your baby weight in less than 3 months?"
  •  "How did you get a flat belly after having a baby?"
Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!
Other Momma's Results With Fit Mom-To-Be........
Frequently Asked Questions
Will The Workouts Take Me A Long Time?
Not at all!

All you need is about 30-60 minutes 3 times per week. 
What If I Don't Feel Good?
From experience from myself and thousands of clients, if you can just get yourself to start exercising even on days you don’t feel as good, you can modify the workouts and just do less sets, then you will end up feeling better after. 

I explain to you inside the program how you can modify all the workouts.
It's Too Expensive,
I Can't Afford It!
I know this is a time you want to be saving.

But truthfully, this is probably the most important time for you to invest in YOU to take care of your health, body and fitness.

And BABY benefits huge from your workouts.

It's $29/month, you probably spend that on Starbucks or eating out.

A pregnancy specialized trainer at 3 times a week would run you at least $600 a month, $29 a month is a steal :)
What If I Haven't Worked Out Much Before?
As long as you have medical clearance, you can do these workouts. 

Tons of my prego's have never exercised before and have had huge success with the workouts.

As long as you know how to follow instructions, you will be just fine.

You get all the pictures of the exercises as well as video demo's  to make sure you know how to do them properly. 

I guide you through it, I'm here for you!
I'm An Avid "Exerciser", Can I Workout Hard?
Yes, you can!

I did!

I did these very same programs during both my pregnancies. You just push it more or less with the weights and intensity depending on your fitness level. 

I show you how to do that.
What If I Want To Stop The Workouts?
You won't want to cancel until the end of your pregnancy because you will see such great results.

My prego's normally do these workouts until the very end of their pregnancies.

You will feel so good and look so good, you won't want to stop.

But if for some reason you do, all you need is to send an email to
Do I Need A Gym?
You can totally do these workouts from home.

There is a gym version and a home version so you can do either or both if you want to go to the gym some days and workout at home others.

Backed by a fully-refundable 30-day guarantee!